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Welcome to Braun's Ranch Supper Club. Braun's Ranch was built in 1932 by Charles Popp and his father Albert Popp. George Weinkoetz ran the bar on the North side of the building. Henry Popp ran the garage in the middle doing auto repairs, who was Albert's brother. The gas pumps out front were run by Charles Popp and later Charles opened another bar on the South side of building and called it Tower Hill.

Tower Hill was sold to Buster Brown in 1942. He renamed it to Brown's Ranch and ran it for ten years until 1952 when he sold it to Frank & Clara Muellenbach. The two operated it until 1954 and sold it to Earl J. & Gloria Ann Voelker which became Voelker's Supper Club until 1974. For over twenty years, this establishment has been know as a high-profile supper club. In ...

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