How It Works

Welcome to the digital age, where coupon clipping has gone online. At, we publish all the top coupon codes for thousands of the best online retailers. During checkout, online retailers typically include a field for you to enter promotional or coupon codes. These codes can account for big savings on your final bill. Some typical discounts might be "25% Off your Order" or "Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more" when you use this code. When you find a coupon code that you would like to use, then write down or copy the code to your clipboard. At, we have made it even simpler so that if you click on the coupon code it automatically saves it to your clipboard.
During Checkout, look for the special field that says coupon or promotional code and press Ctrl V and paste the code in the field.
Submit the coupon code and see the savings applied to your bill.

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