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Did you see the totally awesome save(s) that Hope Solo made yesterday? Besides being tall, fast, and incredibly talented, this US women’s soccer goalie is beautiful too. It doesn’t hurt that she is considered the best goalie in the world at the present moment. Solo is one of the many reasons that our soccer team totally rocks.

For those who are unaware, the  2011 women’s World Cup is currently being played in Germany. As of today, our US women’s team has made it to the semi-final round. Sharing this round with the US is Sweden, France, and Japan.

It was a hard fought game on Sunday between the US and Brazil. Thankfully, the US prevailed over the Brazilian team and their Brazilian superstar Marta. While frustrating and confusing calls were made by the referee against our team, we still pushed on. The fact that the team brushed off the obstacles (one leading to Brazil scoring a goal) was downright amazing. Keep in mind that the US played a large portion of the match with one player less than Brazil.

Luckily, Abby Wambach took the lead just in the nick of time. Watch Abby’s perfectly placed header below.

Next game between the United States and France will be this Wednesday (7/13/11) on ESPN. Game time is 11:30 AM EST. On the same day, Japan plays Sweden at 2:15 PM.

I’m predicting that the our women’s team will beat France, while Sweden will defeat Japan. The final game will be played this Sunday (7/17/11) at 2 PM EST on ESPN.

The Sweden is a strong team, the US team has proven that they are a formidable force that has the skill to outlast all teams. Sweden is good…the US women’s team is better.

While we have traditionally had a strong women’s soccer team, we need to continue to support them. Our economy stinks; jobless rate is high. We need to cling to the positives in life. This is such the opportunity to stand together for our country’s women.  Here’s some ways to show your support:

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Another simple way to show your support is through patriotic clothes. Pull on your red, white, blue items and those flag clothes. Anyone for some flag face paint?

Did you watch the game yesterday? Did you scream so loud that your voice is horse today too? Do you agree that the US is going to win it all?

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posted by Amanda

Update on 7/13/11:
As predicted, the US beat France today with a score of 3-1!!

posted by Rhonda Thibault

Good going US!! :-) 3-1 is an awesome score. I totally agree with the last statement in the article above – US is going to win it all….

posted by Joel Matus

Yup, I saw the game from start to end. The amazing victory that the US women’s team had over that of France was awesome. Enjoyed it throughout :-)

posted by Michael Igo

Hope Solo did a really good job in the game. The pic above of hers shows one of the many awesome saves she did :)

posted by Margarita

Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) stars like Hope Solo and Abby Wambach (who play for the Florida magicJack) and Alex Morgan (of the Western New York Flash) have been in the news since the U.S. team’s narrow loss to Japan in a Women’s World Cup Final in Germany that was the most-viewed soccer match ever televised by ESPN.

posted by Alejandro S

I purchased the adidas world cup soccer t-shirt from It was worth the price and moreover the theme is great :-)

posted by Violeta Pitones

Hope Solo and Abby Wambach secured the third and fourth spots after their outstanding performances helped the U.S. team advance to the finals in the FIFA Women’s World Cup Championship. Wambach finished the tournament with 4 goals and 1 assist, making her the highest scoring player overall

posted by Alejandro S

I’ve never actually watched women soccer before but if they’re playing for US I’m definitely going to support the team. When is the next game?