African Mango | Diet Scam or Next Big Thing?

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African mango may seem like another product to produce hype for companies. However, with support from Dr. Oz,  the product seems more valid.  Dr. Oz has featured the African mango on his show not only as a weight loss aid, but as a super potent multivitamin that has benefits for both men and women. While Dr. Oz does not endorse any specific product, his claims that African mango is beneficial for lowering cholesterol, improving the waistline and an effective weight loss aid makes trying African mango all the more appealing.


What is Protein To Go? | Protein, Energy, Weight Loss, Healthy…

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The answer:  ALL THE ABOVE

It’s 0 fat 0 sugars and 28 grams of a healthy whey protein drink in a convenient to go bottle. Whether you are a performance athlete, on a diet, want to lose weight or you simply want to increase lean muscle mass, the Protein To Go™ shots will deliver the results you are looking for. With regular use, Protein To Go™ shots promote sustained healthy energy, development of lean muscle, help curb hunger, quicker recovery from exercise and increased fat loss.

Protein To Go™ can help you reach your weight loss goals. Drinking Protein To Go™ will help to create a feeling of fullness that will curb hunger and reduce the urge to snack or overeat.  After hearing about much of the Protein To Go hype,  we took the PTG challenge!  I am here to tell you that this product works!  It’s easy to just grab one when you are running out the door or if you start to get hungry later in the day.   They do not need to be refrigerated so I keep some in my desk.   Perfect for mid afternoon or late days. …more

Muddy Fun

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I’ve done something crazy…all in the name of fitness.

Last week, I signed up for the Tough Mudder race.

What’s that you say? You have never heard of this race? Let me tell you a little about it. Prepare to be slightly scared.

Upon clicking on their site at, the following description appears:

this race “is not your average lame-ass mud run or spirit-crushing endurance road race. It’s Ironman meets Burning Man…testing all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie.”

Did I mention that this is a 10 to 12 miles long race with 20+ killer obstacles? This is all done while dragging your exhausted legs through swampy mud the entire race. By “killer obstacles” I mean running through fire flames of four feet tall, running through live wires that hold 10K volts of electricity, and maneuvering along greased monkey bars.

Only 78% of Tough Mudder participants actually complete the race. That’s comforting. Let’s assume that the remaining 22% are still chin deep in the mud.


Barefoot Running Anyone?

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It seems that there is a lot of debate, in the running world, about the idea of running barefoot.

We were born barefoot. As kids, we often would ignore our Mom’s protests and run around the neighborhood without any shoes. Racing each other as our feet pounded the asphalt. We have dug our toes into the sand, and run shoeless on the beach.

As we got older, we would wear appropriate shoes for the appropriate sports. Cleats for soccer. Running shoes for running. Thick, chunky soled shoes that protected our feet from potential damage.

Now they are telling us that we could benefit from running without any running shoes. It seems that those running shoes that were made to keep us from being injured, may actually be causing damage to our bodies. This idea was spurred by the book entitled Born To Run by Christopher McDougall. The book focused on a tribe of Indians in Mexico who frequently ran long distances only in thin sandals. This tribe sustained very minimal injuries across time, although they run for 150 miles at a time. Much different from their North American running friends.


Support US Women’s Soccer

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Did you see the totally awesome save(s) that Hope Solo made yesterday? Besides being tall, fast, and incredibly talented, this US women’s soccer goalie is beautiful too. It doesn’t hurt that she is considered the best goalie in the world at the present moment. Solo is one of the many reasons that our soccer team totally rocks.

For those who are unaware, the  2011 women’s World Cup is currently being played in Germany. As of today, our US women’s team has made it to the semi-final round. Sharing this round with the US is Sweden, France, and Japan.

It was a hard fought game on Sunday between the US and Brazil. Thankfully, the US prevailed over the Brazilian team and their Brazilian superstar Marta. While frustrating and confusing calls were made by the referee against our team, we still pushed on. The fact that the team brushed off the obstacles (one leading to Brazil scoring a goal) was downright amazing. Keep in mind that the US played a large portion of the match with one player less than Brazil.

Luckily, Abby Wambach took the lead just in the nick of time. Watch Abby’s perfectly placed header below.


CrossFit Sparta Rocks

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On a weekly basis, I would drive by this “gym” and see the wildest things. People lunging around a parking lot with sandbags over their heads. Pairs of people running with giant bars loaded with weights. Once, I even saw five people pushing a car as temperatures hit 95 degrees! If this is what I saw outside the gym, you can only wonder what goes on inside this place.

While most people would laugh at these gym rats, I was intrigued. I wanted to know more. What was this place and why were these crazy people subjecting themselves to this torture?

Turns out that the gym that I was coveting was no other then CrossFit Sparta in Tampa, Florida. Their motto is “home of the fitness insane!!!!”  Even their commercial is intense and that’s just the way they like it.

No stranger to fitness challenges, I marched into CrossFitSparta and signed up. After my first class, I dragged myself to my car worn out, stinky, dripping wet, and totally hooked.


The FIRM Express

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Looking for a way to tone your arms, shape your thighs, and whittle down your waist? There’s a great DVD series that will help you achieve those goals.

It is call the FIRM express.

The FIRM express is a 30 day boxed DVD system that will build your cardio endurance while toning your body. This is achieved through the 12 DVD’s strategic planning of three 20-minute workouts a week. Through the use of quick interval blasts (less than 10 seconds at a time), good old cardio, and weight lifting moves, you can kick start your metabolism to burn calories and fat faster. There is quite a large amount of evidence to show that short high intensity workouts are just as effective as longer workouts done at a lower intensity. Less can actually be more. The makers of the Firm seem to know this too.

The system is broken up into four cycles (ignite, accelerate, turbocharge, and overdrive) with three DVD’s in each cycle. The cycles correspond with the intensity of the workout and the size of the weights.

  • Cycle 1: lower impact, lighter weights (3-8 pounds)
  • Cycle 2: moderate to high impact, heavier weights (8-12 pounds)
  • Cycle 3: moderate impact, moderately heavy weights (5-10 pounds)
  • Cycle 4: challenging cardio, heaviest weights (5-15 pounds)

An example of a Cycle 1 workout can be seen here:


14 out of the Box Valentine’s Gift Ideas!

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  1. Take a cooking class.
  2. Go roller skating.
  3. Avoid the crowd, go to lunch instead of dinner.
  4. Send a singing telegram.
  5. Give orchids instead of roses.
  6. Monogram your chocolate.
  7. Donate to a worthy cause.
  8. Go cheese tasting.
  9. Make your hubby his own beer.
  10. Pick flowers instead of buying them.
  11. Have a Disney movie marathon.
  12. Take a hot air balloon ride (at sunrise.)
  13. Get a (fake) tattoo of your sweetie’s name.
  14. Create a couple’s cocktail.

Super Bowl Sunday

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Only a few days remain before the best day in football-SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. Here’s the details of this big day:

Who:  Green Bay Packers (8th appearance in the Super Bowl) versus Pittsburgh Steelers (5th appearance in the Super Bowl)

What: Super Bowl XLV- that’s number 45 for those who are deficient in reading Roman numerals

When: Sunday, February 6. Game tips off at 6:30 PM (EST) on Fox

Where: Cowboys stadium in Arlington, TX

Why:  Bragging rights, American tradition, clash of the titans, and football domination.

Besides watching two great teams battle it out for the title of ultimate champion, the Super Bowl is truly an entertaining event. Christina Aguilera is singing the national anthem and the Black Eyed Peas are performing at halftime. And lets not forget the commercials…


Jump Into Swimming

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What burns roughly 900 calories a hour, builds muscle strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness while giving you green hair? Swimming…and it’s kinda fun too.

While we are not all born with Michael Phelps amazing talent or Dara Torres ripped swimmers’ body, most of us can learn how to  reap the numerous benefits of swimming.

Advantages of swimming:

  • total body workout-practically every muscle comes into play while swimming
  • gentle on the joints and ligaments-allowing those with injuries/limitations to participate in this sport
  • increases level of  endurance …more